iOS App Development: Reasons to Consider a Landing Page

Are you pursuing iOS app development? Have you ever wondered why “appreneurs” set up landing pages? If you have an exciting app idea, the most dominant thought in your mind is launching it. However, you must think beyond the launch and consider its growth in terms of the number of users. In this article, you will learn why app developers recommend a landing page for all apps.

Before looking at the benefits of creating a landing page, let us define it so that we on the same page. An app landing page is simply defined as a standalone web page that gives visitors full details of your app.

You will notice that all trending apps have a webpage that describes the app and directs visitor to the app store. Here now are the top reasons why you cannot afford to launch your app without a landing page.

1. Testing an app idea

Launching a new app, like any other business, involves a certain level of risk. You can minimize the risk by testing the app before going public. Testing an app gives you an opportunity to improve its features before submitting it to app stores.

A landing page can help you validate the idea you have in mind in several ways. For instance, you can send the landing page to a number of target users and ask for their feedback after reviewing the app. Consider the features that the users like or dislike to improve your idea.

Some apprenuers ask visitors to provide their email addresses through the landing page. The visitors will in turn get a discount on the app or access to premium features. If you use this strategy, you can test the level of interest in your app with the number of email addresses that visitors submit.

2. Increasing downloads

The main reason for creating a landing page is to increase downloads after a launch. You can use the page to market your app idea and point visitors to the store. Better still, visitors can download or sign up for the subscription directly from the landing page.

Remember that your app will compete with thousands of other apps in app stores. A landing page provides a perfect platform to raise awareness and increase visibility of your app. You can alter the design of the page from time to time depending on the results.

3. Insights

A landing page, as App Developers in Kenya advice, gives you useful insights on the performance of your app. You can determine the persona of your target user based on the traits of the visitors to the page. Consequently, you can frame your marketing messages to suit the users.

The page will also give you useful demographics such as the location of the visitors and source of traffic. For instance, if most of your visitors are coming from social platforms, you can intensify the campaigns on these platforms. The number of visitors will also indicate the effectiveness of your marketing plans.

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Top features to include on your app landing page

iOS app development does not end with a functional. You need to create a landing page for your app. However, that information alone is not enough. You need to know how to design a landing page that gives the desired results. We offer some tips on how to design a landing page that boosts downloads and increases visibility.

1. Include a compelling value proposition

You have less than four seconds to impress visitors with your app idea. A clear, direct, and compelling value proposition will help you achieve that goal. The proposition should outline the benefits of downloading the app and the needs or problems that the app solves.

Give users reasons to choose your app over other apps in the same category. It is okay to add some humor to it as long as the message is compelling. The value proposition statement is probably is the first thing users will see on your landing page. Give it more attention.

2. Consider a minimalist design

Less is more when designing a landing page. Pick the top visuals that you need to drive your point. Too many distracting elements and images will drive traffic away even before they hit the call to action button.

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A simple design with the most important information arranged in a logical sequence will work best. The idea is to have a visitor to scroll all the way to the call to action button, which brings us to another important tip.

3. Provide a clear call-to-action

What do you want visitors to do after learning about the app? The call-to-action on the page should state that activity clearly. You can lead visitors to take action without stating it directly. For instance, instead of asking visitors to “sign up” or “subscribe,” you can say “become an expert in …”

Highlight the call to action button with an attractive color in a way that visitors cannot miss it with a glance. Here is a free tip. Do not include many call-to-action buttons on the page. You will confuse the users on the right button to click. Consider the same in the iOS app development process.

4. Include social proof

The assumption here is that you have created social platforms to raise awareness of your app. A large number of followers is good but not all that is required to drive traffic to your landing page. A mention from market leaders will drive quality traffic to your landing page.

Display positive feedback from social media on the page and the number of users as well. Customers prefer to buy a product or service that other customers have used or bought. Testimonials and press mentions will go a long way in marketing your new app.

With the level of competition in the world of Android and iOS app development, you need a landing page. Even with a running app, you design a landing page for the app. With the right strategy in designing the page, you will notice a significant change in the number of downloads and user interest almost immediately.

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